With its extended history in Spain, Gonzalo Calderon Lawyers has first-rate connections to other professional advisors, and can communicate your legal needs to your real estate, banking, accounting and insurance advisors.

Success depends upon a reliable business structure, smooth functions and unambiguous contractual relationships. The structure of your business can have a key impact on your success and upcoming expansion. For example, a clearly spelled out partnership agreement and waterproof contracts with dealers, employees and managers can avoid quarrels that might otherwise menace the viability of your project.


The defence of the interests of the family not only needs to be made with a legally documented perspective, but also with a sufficient understanding of basic principles of ethical, social and family behaviour that can then be exposed and defended with sufficient balance, tenacity and strength both in the field of family members as in courts and tribunals. Gonzalo Calderon – Lawyers practices for decades in the following situations:

  • Divorce.
  • Legal disabilities.
  • Probate Law, Inheritance, Division and adjudication of inheritance property.
  • Family reunification in Immigration Affairs.


Gonzalo Calderon – Abogados has created a new Labour and Employment Services department with advice from experienced professionals.

The department offers advice and services for:

  • Employment Contracts.
  • Employer Obligations.
  • Payrolls (nóminas).
  • Social Security.
  • Contribution forms.
  • Registration of companies and employers in the Social Security System.
  • New employees and terminations.
  • Incentives for employing.


Gonzalo Calderon – Abogados has a section dedicated to the administration of all type of property, offering to the Communities of Proprietors a unique service of administration with solutions to their real necessities, in an agile and effective form.

Our firm is formed by a team of professionals with ample experience in different scopes, in order to handle in the best possible way the management and administration of your community and using the new technologies for it.

For that reason, at our Administration we continue giving habitual services of management of property, such as legal advising, claim of debts to non-paying proprietors, as much judicial as extrajudicial. We mediate in conflicts between neighbours, being conscious it is important that the Proprietor is informed about all the events, managements, expenses and income taking place in his Community, an information and data that usually he does not have access to in a comfortable form.

Through a Web page designed exclusively for your Community, you will be able to access at any moment and to consult all the information as it can be, banking statement of account, contracts with maintenance companies, statutes, norms, acts, state of opened judicial procedures, situation and everything you can need at any time.

We also offer the possibility for the proprietor to inform us about the incidences that may arise in his Community, or get in contact with us, and from that moment a member of our staff will manage it and whenever necessary inform the supplier so that he solves that matter informing you at every moment.

Our human capital is formed by a team of professionals with ample experience in the fields of  Law, Architecture, Economy and Computer science, and this allows us to at any time give you an answer to your necessities in all  fields.

Contact with us and we will be enchanted to offer you a quotation without commitment.


We offer experienced and sophisticated advice with respect to the entire range of real estate transactions.

From transaction commencement to completion, we go further than the habitual legal role of document research and due diligence. We are dealmakers with business expertise who listen to our clients.

Our Lawyer’s firm representation of developers and owners includes considerable participation in the planning, acquisition, financing, construction, leasing, and management of buildings, shopping centres, hotels, villas, or apartments. We have been dynamically involved in transactions throughout Spain representing Spanish and foreign based developers.

Given that we have been involved in every phase of the real estate market since 1987, we have significant familiarity in the restructuring of debt and equity transactions.

Buying or Selling A Home

Whether you are a first time buyer, or trading, or scaling down, the purchase or sale of your home is a main experience. Contracts of purchase or sale must be carefully composed and re- examined, in order that they protected you from such latent inconveniences as:

You sign an agreement to purchase that does not contain a clause making the purchase dependent upon a satisfactory home examination. After you purchase the house, you find it has significant defects.

You formally agree to buy a big construction with the intention of turning it into a number of rental apartments, just to find afterwards that the property is not zoned for that use.

You sign a contract selling a property but you do not understand your commitments in case that any deficiencies are found in the property.

Buying Or Selling Commercial Properties

Negotiating terms that are favourable on selling or buying business-related property can have a main impact on business prosperity. We move speedily to protect clients’ business interests, as we are conscious of the business realities comprised in these transactions.

Our experience involves:

Negotiation of conditions in the financing, purchase, development, and construction of commercial and industrial properties

Preparation of all documents

Negotiating matters connected to rental use of property, for example existing leases, rental prepayment or collection of arrears of rent

Negotiating matters related to environmental conditions on the property

Construction Litigation

The interpretation of construction contracts is constantly implicated in Construction disputes. Clients benefit from our broad hands-on experience analyzing, negotiating and drafting project agreements. Our knowledge acquired preparing design and construction agreements and construction management agreements – translates into a demonstrated ability to successfully unwind and resolve the full range of construction disputes.

Our construction litigation practice includes arbitrations, mediations and trials involving contract disputes; architect liability claims; building design defects; environmental concerns; construction liens; delay damages claims; design and construction claims.


Gonzalo Calderon Lawyers has negotiated leasing arrangements for both landlords and tenants: A carefully drafted lease is a critical contract for all parties involved.

Our experienced guidance in this area includes:

Negotiation of terms for retail, office, industrial and home leases

Arrangement of renewals and amendments

Review or Preparation of all leasing documents

Real Estate Litigation

Judgment and experience are obligatory to discern when to settle and when to litigate. Gonzalo Calderon Solicitors has successfully represented clients on both sides of the following matters:

  • Aborted transactions, post-closing litigation and deficiencies
  • Condominium litigation, common expense liens, court applications and power of sale
  • Construction liens and trust claims
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Mortgage enforcement, including power of sale, foreclosure, possession and shortfall actions
  • Property disputes
  • Party wall issues and boundary disputes


Gonzalo Calderon Abogados advises clients in all matters related to:

  • Trademark searching and registration
  • Trademark filing and enforcement

Intellectual property is particularly valuable. So are the trademarks used to differentiate a service or product. Proper searching and registration of trademarks, copyright and patents protect this valuable property and prevent future legal problems.